We’re obsessed with good looks and a high IQ. We push beautiful design and intelligent functionality iinto everything we do. Don’t believe us? Check our work!

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We're from the future.

Joint Medias is an established media company bringing high-end design and development to an array of clients and industries.  Located in Sacramento, CA, we enjoy a comfortable but dedicated work process. We have been in business for over 6 years, continually pushing the boundaries of new media. We have grown from three employees to an in house-staff and network of over 10 creatives.  Combined we have over 130 years of experience concerning everything from media design and development to audio and video production. We have worked with clients from all areas of business including government, state run organizations, large corporations, ad agencies and local businesses. To learn more about us or get in touch with someone at Joint Medias, please contact us.

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